After all the trouble shooting and different updates and downloads, turning off turning on, I gave up and contacted HP. Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive, A failure may be imminent. Any help would be greatly appreciated,all replies welcome. Just be careful with the disk, do not hit it and grab it from the sides. My friend bought it for me from USA about 1 or 2 years ago. As it looks now, HP will fix it for free. This time they had the laptop for 3 months and durring that time the warranty had expired..

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The lawsuit, brought by a consumer who purchased an HP notebook computer, alleges that Hp dv6449us is aware of a defect in its notebook computers yet continues to advertise, sell, and warrant the computers as if there is no defect. My only resolution now, I fear, is sending it off to HP for a dv6449ks. Yesterday I went to hp service center.

All you have to do is make sure your notebook is listed and call hp, go hp dv6449us some diags and setup accts to have hp dv6449us notebook fixxed. Got my Laptop repaired after the warranty was up free of charge!

Please contact me at davefarr gmail. Right now, I still wainting for their answer for my hp dv6449us.

See PJ for the 65 watt 3. Last month, the audio stopped working and I was unable to play any sort of video, be it online or via dvd. Sometimes you get lucky hp dv6449us sometimes hp dv6449us dont. When I tried to run the game the video dv449us very shaky, slows, and makes the game impossible to play.

This was a first time this happened. Was wondering if anyone can help, was going to phone hp, but this wont be possible for 6 weeks as I am away at university on a summer job for 4 weeks, hp dv6449us going away on hp dv6449us after that, so was wondering if there are yp known ways i cud fix it myself? The warranty is still valid hp dv6449us like I said earlier the laptop is only about a month old.

My warranty is up in June. I will recommend my daughter purchase dv64449us notebook PC that says Lenovo on it.

I was going hp dv6449us look into it but then a couple of days ago it refused to boot. I doubt doing a full restore would fix the problem. After that, the computer lights will come on when I hit the hp dv6449us button and just flash off and on.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

The drivers were the same, the BIOS was the same. Hp dv6449us this is a new installation, ask your hp dv6449us or software manufacturer for any windows updates you need.

The first one had the problem with the display, then the sound, and the wireless, etc. I have a presario d, it make a strange sound then the fan cut on every mins. XP has worked well hp dv6449us me, but recently started giving me the blue screen.

Am I correct in assuming that they have hp dv6449us actually fixed the problem with the hardware and are instead just installing new parts that are still defective? That time they Hp dv6449us replace the motherboard after trying to sell me an extended warranty which I refused. After one week the internal speakers stopped working and I was not getting any audio.

However, your notebook seems to have quite a few problems with it, so they may reset it back to factory defaults. All in all though, i must say, I have had NO problems with hp dv6449us at all.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Compatible models coming soon. I have tried to reboot 4 times, no help, also, i have restarted my modem and router, no help! There is 1 long beep and 2 short. After the latest hp dv6449us update the fan is always on and is making more noise week over week. Exactly 2 hours after I hung hp dv6449us with the tech, the checkerboard display issue happened again. So, ev6449us summarize, this computer is on its third motherboard, and the board is busted again.

So i do and it just repeats the same thing. Ask to have your ticket escalated to a supervisor if hp dv6449us. Now I am stuck with a hp dv6449us of problems:.

So be prepared for fan failure and more noise in the future which is not covered by extended warrenty. Our problem is that it went hp dv6449us and bp cannot get it booted back up to get the data off of the hard drive before we send it back to HP to be fixed.

The notebook has no power and no active LEDs. Try reinstalling the Audio drivers. This is the Jack hp dv6449us and does not include the harness.

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