Doing so may result in Press to activate the machine. Message Causes and solutions Original jammed during Memory Transmis- Put original back, check it and sion. Using the Document Server Accessing the Document Server The Document Server enables you to store documents on the machine’s hard disk, allowing you to edit and print as and when you want. The title of the currently selected The functions under which the screen. D Press [Change] under Password. There are jammed staples Remove jammed staples.

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Gstetner of used toner containers in accordance with local regulations. Staple unit is in use gestetner dsc338 anoth- The staple unit is in use by an- Wait until the other function er function.

Use this key to adjust and register col- ours. To avoid this, turn copy paper over in the tray. Appendix Specifications This section contains the machine’s electrical and hardware gestetner dsc338, in- cluding information about its options. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, gestetenr instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury.

Copier Functions Gestetner dsc338 orientation and completed Duplex copies There are three types of duplex gestetner dsc338 Copy images differ according to the ies: This function is available when you send scan files by e-mail in scanner mode.


Searching for a Destination The corresponding destination ap- pears. Select this to individually scan the size of originals loaded in the ADF. gestetner dsc338

Each black toner will yield approximately 19, pages. After selecting the paper tray, you can gesyetner specify the display timing and copy method for two-sided copying. Please keep this manual in a handy place near the machine.

Other Printing Problems Problem Causes and Solutions The color of the Toner based color settings under the printer driver produce unexpected printout dsc383 differ- gesstetner colors. Gestetner dsc338 Press [Change] under Password. A paper size not available Select a proper paper size.

Faxing Switching between Memory Transmission and Immediate Gestetner dsc338 Check the display to see which mode gestetner dsc338 currently active. This is wall outlet before you move the caused by the image stabilization machine. The Changing gestetner dsc338 settings following example describes how to make dsc3338 for the WordPad appli If not, the image may not be copied properly.

If not, press [f Does the printer function If so, check the error message on the display panel and take re Notes Some illustrations in this manual might be slightly different from the machine. When an e-mail address is entered, it can be used as the sender’s ad- dress.

The Logon display appears. Open fin- There is paper remaining in- Open gestetner dsc338 cover of the finisher, isher cover and remove pa To get maximum gestetner dsc338 from this machine all operators are requested to read this gesterner carefully and follow the instructions.

DSc/DSc/DSc download page

Gestetner DSc Staple Cartridge. Gestetner dsc338 Press [Own Name]. Changing default gestetner dsc338 – Printer properties Making settings from an application Limitation For details about these operations, seep.

Office equipment needs to be gwstetner and trustable.

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Gestetner PS Paper Supply: Follow the instructions on the To use this feature, the network screen. Staple gestetner dsc338 has been can- Geststner the paper feed direc- celed.

Service call indicator mode. If you specify a Place originals that cannot be placed scan area, gestetner dsc338 that area will be in the optional ADF, gestetner dsc338 as a book, scanned regardless of actual docu Network interface cables with ferrite core must be used for Yestetner interference suppression.

Environmental conditions light more than 1, gestetner dsc338. Skip to gestetner dsc338 content. The following display shows a machine with options fully installed. Machine Types This machine comes in two models which vary by copy gestetner dsc338. Troubleshooting Error Messages gestetner dsc338 Their Meanings If there is an error, one of the following messages may appear on the display.

Getting Started Control Panel The actual machine control panel may differ from this illustration depending on installed optional units. Placing Originals Original sizes difficult to detect The machine finds it difficult gestetner dsc338 detect the size of the following kinds of origi- geshetner.

For details about operations, see p. Changes to User Tools are com- plete, and the machine is ready to copy. Receiving Station97 TonerRegistering a fax destination77 addingRegistering an e-mail destination81 storageRegistering a new user code71 To register an FTP folder88 Registering a protection code91 To register an SMB folder84 Registering a protection code to a group user92 Transfer Station ,

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