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If using MMC 7. So at least I know it’s not really the driver’s fault.

ATI Rage Theater Video Capture (Unsupported)? – Rage3D Discussion Area

Suggestion for best WooCommerce hosting? For editing purposes, an uncompressed or lossless AVI format is often a much better choice. You can select another preset, caapture your current preset, or make a new one.

Though I did get to install the new Remote Wonder drivers small victories! This is a nice feature to capture a 6-hour tape and walk away. How to remove horizontal lines caused by damaged tape?

The one selected is the one currently being used, and the info about it appears on the right side. Also feel free to use another codec.

How to Capture AVI Video with ATI All-In-Wonder Card (AIW) – The Digital FAQ

Originally posted by Synetech You mean vdieo didn’t tell them? Just remember to use Driver Cleaner to scrub those drivers clean. In that instance, you are forced to use 4GB max. Posting the ATI Theater datasheet here for reference.

HostGator Alternatives, Part 3: This is for MPEG2. This is how it will appear on the settings menu. In my case, even VDub didn’t work. Some digging in the archives comes up with some info on the original Rage Theater chip: Find all posts by lordsmurf. If viddo article is helpfulati rage theater video capture share it with others, using these links:.

TV Wonderâ„¢ PRO Drivers and ATI Multimedia Software for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition

When capturing MPEG-2, encode interlaced! The mid-range preset settings do little to nothing, from what I can see. Some comptuers cannot handle the 1I 2P 2B settings, resulting in dropped frame. Video capturing demands a lot from your system. Who to Use and Why.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. May 28, Be sure you have a decent dedicated sound card not onboard sound and that everything is properly hooked up.

The multi-monitor support is a nice addition, but the lack of DVI out is a small con. It may improve the Ari quality. Select the codec, frame rate, standard and resolution. And then watch it every 30 minutes or so if you can. Select 48kHz stereo audio.

One thing I will miss is the razor sharp analog video output of my Matrox card.

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