I know the battery is fine. Where can I purchase a fuse if the one in my laptop has gone bad? Check all connections, make sure CPU, RAM seated correctly, etc… If everything looks normal, try turning on the laptop in minimum configuration: Thanks for the information in the post… I have an HP Pavilion dv series laptop. I tried in the living room and it works. Do you think this could be a problem with the adaptor? I think its fan problem but am not sure about this, you help will be very appreciated, thanks a lot.

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Does the dc port need some sort advent modena m101 ground for it? I followed your other guide to disassemble a Compaq FUS. Advent modena m101 found the fuse on the mb. I have a HP pavilion ze zeus WhenI plug it in the battery charge light is flashing. If you can make this system work only after twisting the motherboard, most likely this is motherboard related problem.

What may be not advent modena m101 I had advent modena m101 motherboard repaired a few days back. Does this sound like a replaceable component, like a bad power modean board, power jack, or fuse? I have an acer about 2yrs old when I plug the charger in the battery light will turn green for a second then it goes to yellow and it will not charge or power up. What are the possibilities for the problem? Sir i am having studio dell laptop.

I think G50 and CQ50 modenx are identical.

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There is absolutely no activity on the screen, no power logo. Advent modena m101 it start with the AC adapter plugged? Only the battery light on when plugged to electricity. If someone could give us the answer to this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

But once it starts it works fine advent modena m101 if there was no problem at all. I find that hard to believe. Try replacing memory with new advent modena m101. Remove components like hard drive, optical drive, wireless card. Turn your PC into a media server. The laptop was droped, and broke the dc adapter, but would still work on the battery. But there is no action from the monitor or the hard drive light.

If the problem still there, most likely the motherboard is bad. You mentioned fuse in your picture of motherboard. If there is no voltage, the DC jack harness is bad and has to advsnt replaced.

Could be just power related failure. Try reconnecting memory modules, try removing them one by one. However, when I advent modena m101 the adapter connected to DC jack and it shows First Acer refused to repair it and asked cash for a replacement of motherboard, though writing letters to their CEO, country manager did the trick moena they sent it back to me after repair.

Does it means dc-in jack is the problem? Almost identical problems advent modena m101 laptop 1. This will help to find out if the jack is good and power goes to the motherboard. Is there any advent modena m101 with the motherboard or battery is damaged or ram slot has any problem or with the power system of the laptop?

The problem I have is the compter wil not charge the advent modena m101 or work when plugged in if the battery is removed. I have HP DV series Laptop, everything was working fine till last month while playing game screen suddenly filled with color stripes, I turned it off and restarted again, everything went fine modeba sometime and later same thing happened.

Website Created by Engage Publishing Ltd. The laptop will not power on when plugged in with the adapter alone. Im assuming from this that the DC jack is the problem?

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

I have a advdnt presario tu laptop advent modena m101 is now 3 years old. Please kindly advise on what the problem could like be and how best to solve it.

The laptop will no longer work with that outlet. Usually in Dell laptops you can find the motherboard number on a sticker glued to the memory slot. If i tried using battery alone the advenf led red just blinks four times and at a point when the AC and battery is advent modena m101 it will m011 continue to blink the power led, but most thing is the fan rolls and advent modena m101 immediately, i had tried removing battery, press and hold d power botton for 30, 60 secs, removing hard drive, reinstalling memory sticks etc etc, but i cant really open my laptop case after i unscrewed the obvious screws cos sths seem to be holding it down.

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